Debugging a VP UML Plugin

When I attempt to debug my plugin I get the following error message:

An old version of the project cannot be opened.

But I know it is a current version. Actual error details below:

Open old version project from null to 20120407
Open Project “C:\Workspace VP\Project 1.vpp”, Time Used: 11 seconds, Memory: 33.05 MB (34656256), Project File Size: 249.0 KB (254976), Diagram Count: 0
------------ applicationExit ------------

save project: .systemproject, 20587948
Unable to persistence isLastSaveInUML CodeModel!!!
Saved project “.systemproject” to “C:\Workspace VP.vpprefdata.systemproject.vpp”.

Hello gcarlson,

Would you mind send me your project file to have a look? You can send it to Please include the URL of this post in your email. Thanks!

Best regards,
Rain Wong