Define initializer list for Constructor in Class Diagram

Hi everybody,

I’m new using VP, I have created a Class Diagram for a State Machine using C++. I would like to know how could I define an Initializer list for the Constructor. Is there any way to do that through the interface or should I define it in each cpp output file?

M2MTerminal::M2MTerminal(M2MContext* context): _context(context) {

Thanks in advance, Giuseppe

I’m not familiar with C++ myself, but the main thing to keep in mind when working with UML is that the UML standard is language independent. So it is possible that certain specific language features can’t be fully integrated.

However, that’s only looking at this from an UML perspective. I know Visual Paradigm supports specific enhancements for certain programming languages, amongst which C++.

So I looked up the definition for the initializer list and found this example, then did some experimenting which makes me believe that this isn’t currently supported (but please keep my inexperience with C++ in mind).