Delete unused elements

Hello Jick,

since modeling is an iterative work, some elements make it into diagrams and are being deleted a few moments later. These elements are deleted from the diagram but still in the model view. After a modeling session, a couple of elements (which I don’t remember and don’t find) are still in the model view, but not used in diagrams anymore.

Is there an option to delete all unused elements ?


Hi Bernd,

We do not support this feature currently. But we have developed a plugin for you to delete models without view. Please download the plugin attached.

To use the plugin:

  1. Decompress it
  2. Create a folder named “plugins” inside VP Suite installation folder
  3. Copy the decompressed plugin to the plugins folder, so that you will have this folder structure:
  4. Start VP-UML (I am assuming that you are running VP-UML)

Then, you will see a button in the toolbar for showing the dialog for deleting model.

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Hi Jick,

you did what ? You developed a plugin just because of my request ?

This is amazing !!

Thanks a lot !

You are welcome. Yes, we really did that :slight_smile: We will also consider to support it in our products.

Have a nice weekend! :smiley:

as of today, is there any way we can delete unused elements? I have a bunch of messages (calls) that were written but finally unused and they stay in the list of messages we can select. How do I get rid of them?

Please reference to the following movie and article about how to find out the model elements which is not appear in any of your diagrams. This should help you to find out the unused elements. Feel free to contact me for any help and wish you have a good day!

Youtube movie

Know-how page about how to find out the unused model elements

Best regards,
Rain Wong