Deleting a class association

Hi everyone,

Having the typical employee - employer relationship with the “job” association class and these multiplicities
employee: 1…*
employer: *

If you wanted to make “job” a full class, What would be the multiplicities for the classes?

Thank you in advance

Here’s my take:

Having a class association implies that information regarding the association exists only as long as the association exists, that is, when the employee is dismissed, any information about that association is lost. Hence, having a job class in-between the employee and employer classes implies that we want to retain job information between employees and employers. By removing the class association and replacing it with a full class will change the system description.

However, my interpretation would be the following: An employee could have none or more than one job since Employer had a multiplicity of “" and an employer must have a least one job since Employee had a multiplicity of "1…”. Now, the details of the relationship between jobs and the other entities is not clear and at this point, it is open to assumptions so I will assume that a job must have at least one employer and that a job must have at least one employee.

Thus, my model would look like the following: [b]Employee/b----()[b]Job/b----(1…)Employer

Hope that helps. Of course, if I misinterpreted the problem description, the model would change.