Deleting objects in Use Cases

Hi folks!

Is there a list where one can see already reported and accepted bugs? The following described bugs must have been reported before?!?

  1. When creating a sub use case, a new node appears below current use case. When I try to delete that use case, it still appears in the tree view.

  2. When deleting an extending use case, the corresponding extension point is not removed from the extended use case.


  1. When creating a Sequency diagram for a use case, and then delete the sequence diagram, it is not removed from the tree node list. Also, I now have two Use case/sequence diagram nodes.


  1. Naming two use cases the same, and then create a sub diagram (sequence whatever), makes the VP think they are the same. So changing the name of one use case, changes the name of the other too!

So basically there is a problem with object identity in VP. I know the Poseidon folks had the same problem with their product.

This also applies when extending an actor, naming it the same as the extended actor, then rename either one, renames both!


  1. In a sequence diagram, deleting a call, still shows the action boxes. Event deleting the object, still displays the action box. Looks like a graphical error. However, looking on Relations tab on originator object, still shows the call in the list
  1. Saving the project and reopening apparently was a bad idea. Now the sequence diagram has been lost ;(

If i try the Model Tree View, I can see the object I’ve created for the Sequence diagram, but the actual diagram is gone.

In here I also see alot of bogus/trash objects, named Actor# or UseCase#(where # is any number).

Also, the tree node list cuts the name and appends “…” to the end, eventhough there is ample of space left in the column. It would be great to see the full names in the list.

Dear Miles,
When delete the shape in the diagram, it does not delete the model in the repository. We will add a message to want the user in next patch, when there is no model point to the shape. Thank you for your suggestion. We will add it soon.

Best Regards,