Diagram and code generation integration levels

I have purchased VP-SDE (SE - Netbeans) - I’m happy about that purchase, so thanks for a useful box of tools.

I’ve watched the UML swf tutorials, read much of the UML documentation and some of the UML forum posts - apologies if the answer is in there and I missed it.

My question was /partially/ answered in this forum post:

My question is more general:
Which UML diagrams share the level of integration described in the above thread?

a) Which diagrams can be generated from which diagrams?
b) Which diagrams, directly or indirectly (the answer to ‘a’ above), can lead to code generation?

I appreciate the answer to a) may be tricky to document since it possibly involves several 1-n way or m-n way sets of relations.

Appreciate any insights


Hi HH,

Thanks for your inquiry. Below you can find my answers and links for details of the mentioned features:

a) We support

Also, activity diagram is for presenting the flow of events of particular use case (but not the whole use case diagram), so you can elaborate the use case by adding an activity diagram as sub-diagram of the use case.
Then you can model a sequence diagram (or communication diagram) for each action model to show the dynamic interaction within the system of the action. See “use_case.png”.
After you have modeled the the sequence diagrams of each action , you can right-click on the activity diagram and select Scenario > Edit Scenarios… in the popup menu. You will be able to add the path to form the interaction overview diagram or a sequence diagram. In this way, you can get individual overview diagrams of every possible path in the activity diagram - see “interaction_overview.png” - or a sequence diagram for all interaction involves in the system (you may need to make some modification on the generated sequence diagram to finish the interaction between the lifelines in each action’s sequence diagram).

For the steps of generating interaction overviews diagram. See “scenario.png”


If there is any further question, please feel free to ask.

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Thanks Lilian!
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Hi HH,

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