Diagram Save Problem


I’ve downloaded and installed the Netbeans SDE Professional Edition evaluation plugin. I like the product a lot, with one exception. It seems it occasionally fails to save my diagrams. When working in Sequence Diagrams, I saved my work frequently (approx every 10 minutes). Saved using Save SDE PE-NB Project from the File menu in Netbeans. Once I closed Netbeans and reopened it later, most of my work (including what had allegedly been saved every 10 minutes) was gone. I tried renaming my backup .vpp~ files to .vpp and reloading my project; still no luck. Hopefully it’s something I’m doing and someone can let me know what to correct.

Attached is my vp.log file.

Windows XP SP2
Netbeans 5.0
Java 1.4.2_08
SDE 3.2

Thanks in advance.


I notice that you have also sent us a message through our Live Response service. Thanks for reporting. Is the attached log file the one under $netbeans-install-dir/bin ?

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