Diagram size

Good day,
Is there a ways to show a ruler when creating diagrams such a class diagrams or using fixed size worksheet? This would allow me to make sure my diagrams fit my MS Word document when doing copy and paste using the EMF format. Right now, I copy and paste my diagrams and resize them in MS Word to make sure they fit in between the margins which results in all my diagrams having different font size. Any idea? Tyank you.

Hi Vincent,

As far as I know there’s no real solution, but what about a workaround? Use the “Common” or “Freehand” secion of the diagramming tools to put a simple ruler on the diagram. Maybe it’s even enough to have a fixed size for some orientation about the size instead of digits.

You can put the “ruler” on a different layer, so you can make it invisible before exporting the diagram. See http://www.visual-paradigm.com/support/documents/vpuserguide/1283/31/6801_layer.html for information on layers in the user guide.

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