Differences between model and package

Hallo everyone,

I´m thinking about the real differences between “Model” and “Package” concerning the structure of model explorer. In which cases it´s better to use a “Model” and when exactly I´ve to use “Package” to organize my model explorer? Of course, when handling with UML classes it makes sense to use “Packages”. But when starting to work with BPMN it´s better to use “Models”? Where are (dis-)advantages and drawbacks between these to methods of (sub-)foldering the model explorer at all?

greetings, charon

Hi charon,

Models represent logical division to a project. For example, a project for business modeling can have an “As-Is Process Model”, and a “To-Be Process Model”.

Package is more close to model element. You can have many packages, maybe nested, for organizing model elements. A typical use of package is for organizing classes.

As a conclusion, one may have the following structure:

[Model] Implementation 
   [Package] com 
      [Package] app 
         [Class] MyClass 
[Model] As-Is Process 
   [Pool] Process 
       [Task] MyTask

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