Diff'ing VP-UML and Perforce

Is there a way for VP-UML to integrate with Perforce’s diff’ing tool? I am aware of VP-UML’s visual diff but I’m wondering if it’s possible to go the other way around? That is, using Perforce to quickly check the differences between revisions?

Is there a command-line option to perform a visual diff?

Since I don’t think that this is possible I’d like to ask if the project file could be saved with a different format. If it would be a text format diffs could be made visible. Also it would reduce the hard disk consumption with in perforce since only the diffs would have to been stored.


I was just looking at the command line options and am thinking that one could use the ExportXMI script to produce a text output describing the projects and then use those in conjunction with self-written script to perform the diff.

I’m also thinking it’s not possible to achieve visual diffs from Perforce. Personally, I was relaying a question from a colleague of mine whom I’m trying to convince that VP-UML is awesome.

Hi D6chung, Robert,

Thanks for your posts. We are sorry that we do not support commit project as text format, but currently you can also select the revisions in Teamwork Client for comparison, select the property and switch to View tab to view the visual difference of the selected property (as shown as attached image). More details about compare revisions can be found from
(this is using VP Teamwork Server as demonstration, but it’s similar for Perforce)

Also, you can export the revisions you want to compare with from Perforce, then run Visual Diff to compare the difference between the revisions. Details about export revisions from Perforce can be found from

We will support having large set of text files for commit so that it will only commit the modified files of project to the server. This can help saving the hard disk space in the future.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong