Dilenma of producing UML diagrams professionally?


I am currently working on a project. It requires development using Java & Visual C++.Both parts are totally independent. I need to make UML class diagrams for the java classes i designed and also for Visual C++.

Should i use the same tool for producing UML diagrams for 2 different languages? I need to be professional.

I know java has NetBeans IDE which can do UML and for Visual C++; MSVisual Studio allows its own style of class diagrams. Which tool should i use?

Should i use MSVS for C++ and NetBeans for the Java classes? OR should i use just the 1 tool for both language class designs…?

thanks in advance

UML is UML. So I’d suggest one tool for both languages.

In fact, I’d specifically suggest using SDE-NB since NetBeans supports both Java and C++.

Yeah… that sounds like a good idea.

Though i do use a UML plugin for NetBeans to do UML diagrams for Java. Not sure if this plugin is the SDE thing you’re talking about.

But like i said… i don’t care what tools i use, all i care about is that the outcome of the UML diagrams look pretty and stylish plus have to be professional looking.