Disappearing persistable flag of associations to referenced projects

Hi everyone,

I found a strange issue while i was trying to associate some tables to a referenced project.
Here are some of the facts.


As you can see there are two packages, the main package is the referenced project with one table, the businesspartner in this example.
With the extension-package i want to extend the businesspartner with new fields.
For comparing the issue i created the file-table, extended by a fileaddition-table in the same project.


After synchronizing to the class diagram you can see, that there are no associations to the referenced project (main)
So I went forth boldly and draw them on my own, as you can see in Class2. I also changed the navigatable flag and set the persistable flag under specification association -> orm association detail to true.


Synchronizing back to ERD i got the constellation in ERD2


As you can see the file-tables are not influenced - everything is fine there. The referenced project table is now double associated…

Synchronizing back to class diagram, there seem to be no changes BUT within the associations the persistable flag is overwritten with false as you can see in Attrib1.


Synchronizing back one more time to ERD the picture is again the first one (ERD1).

So my main concern is the disappearance of the persistable flag of associations to referenced projects in the orm-class-model.
Within the same project there is no problem at all as you can see in the file-table above.

Any ideas on this problem?
Thanks in advance for your tips.

Dear vmerz,

For the moment the ORM features (including the synchronization between class & ER model, as well as hibernate generation) are not designed to work in reference projects environment. During ORM synchronization models may required to be modified, i.e. adding FK column, but since the reference project is in read only, therefore the modification will not able to apply to those elements from the referenced project, thus causing the model become incorrect. For your case, you cannot extend a class from referenced project in the ORM usage. I’m very sorry about this limitation. If there are any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi Rain,

thanks for your answer. I will therefore try to manage my issue in one large project.

Kind regards,