Document generation failing

Dear Simon

We will send you a customized version of SDE-VS tomorrow. Can you tell me what edition of SDE-VS you are using?

Best Regards,

Hi Rain,

Thanks for the response.

We are using SDE Professional Edition for Visual Studio. (Evaluation copy)



When trying to generate PDF or HTML documentation for my model, cannot seem to complete the operation. It shows a certain percentage of the operation complete and stops.

Looking at the vp.log file it is giving lots of ‘out of memory’ errors - which I guess is why it crashes.

When watching the process in the task manager I notice the memory usage gets up to 315,000K.

The system I am using has 1GB of memory so I wouldn’t expect to see these out of memory problems.

At present the model only contains 17 class diagrams and 16 sequence diagrams.

Has anyone come across this problem? is there a workaround?

We are currently evaluating SDE as our CASE tool and not being able to generate documents from the model is a big problem…