Document Generation Fails


When trying to generate PDF or HTML documentation for my model, cannot seem to complete the operation. It shows a certain percentage of the operation complete and stops.

Looking at the vp.log file it is giving lots of ‘out of memory’ errors - which I guess is why it crashes.

When watching the process in the task manager I notice the memory usage gets up to 315,000K.

The system I am using has 1GB of memory so I wouldn’t expect to see these out of memory problems.

At present the model only contains 17 class diagrams and 16 sequence diagrams.

Has anyone come across this problem? is there a workaround?

We are currently evaluating SDE as our CASE tool and not being able to generate documents from the model is a big problem…


I’m not sure if this will help, but I saw a similar problem when I first started looking at SDE. Part of my problem was that I was testing the different diagrams and had created some empty diagrams.

When I removed the empty diagrams, the report generated flawlessly.

Again, not sure if this is your problem, but you might take a look for anything laying around that isn’t actually being used.