Documentation Templates not included in workspace?

I have defined several aspects for Business Process Diagrams, including documentation templates. I have copied the .vpprefdata folder to a commonly accessible location, so that others can import this workspace. All the relevant settings are correctly applied, however, the documentation templates are not available after importing the workspace.
Is this the expected behavior, and if yes, how can I make defined templates available to everybody (no teamwork server in use!)

Thank you for your help

Christian, fedpol

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your post. The documentation template is stored in the project file. You can create a “template project” for storing the documentation template, i.e. create a diagram/model to create templates of documentation, then delete all diagrams and models from the project (only documentation templates are left). After that, you can import the template project to your working project to access the documentation templates.

And we will consider support export/import documentation templates in the future.

BTW, if you want to share your preference with other users, please copy the whole workspace to other users instead of copy one or some of the folders/files inside the workspace.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong