Does not work in ubuntu

After upgrading to nvidia accelerated graphics drivers(version 180),vp can be launched,but only UI frame showed(only titlebar,no menu bar,no wok area,no …),and strangely,UI events woks,say,I can not see menu,but I know where it is,click them,submenus popup.So I think only main interface does not work,maybe changing some settings can fix this issue.please help me.

1.Ubuntu 9.04+Java 1.6.13+Visual paradigm
2,Dell D630,Ndvidia NVS 350+ nvidia accelerated graphics drivers(version 180)

Hi Alex Luya,

Thanks for your post. Your problem should be AWT toolkit does not support the Beryl or Compiz window managers ( a general problem on most of Swing applications), please try to disable Desktop Effect or refer to the following resources page to see if your problem can be solved:

Best regards,
Lilian Wong