Does sde supports round-trip code engineering of C++?

Does sde supports round-trip code engineering of C++?

Hi user,

Thanks for your inquiry. Our SDE Professional Edition for Visual Studio (SDE PE-VS) supports .NET round-trip engineering, which means round-trip code engineering of Visual C++ is supported.

From the following link, you can get details about SDE PE-VS:

And details about .NET round-trip engineering are available at:

Please feel free to download evaluation version of SDE for Visual Studio from our website ( ) to try the feature. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to ask.

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thx a lot!
I have another question:

Can SDE-VS generate ASNI other than Visaul C++ code during round-trip engineering ?

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Thanks for replying. I’m sorry that .NET round-trip engineering in SDE PE-VS only supports Visual C++. If you would like to generate ANSI C++ code, please run Instant Generator (available in Standard Edition or above). If you are interested in Instant Generator, please read:

Please be reminded that Instant Generator is one-off engineering and it will overwrite all existing code every time you run it. Round-trip engineering will only update changes in model to code (or vice versa).

By the way, we will support ANSI C++ round-trip engineering in coming release (VP Suite 4.2) which will be released on 11th January 2010.

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Lilian Wong.

I’m doing a trial of SDE for Eclipse, and I just want to give you a concrete example so I understand what you are saying. Right now, if I generate code from the Model, then go add some code to a function and do an instant reverse, the code for the function will not show up in the model element’s implementation tab. Are you saying it will in the Jan. release?


Hi M,

Thanks for your inquiry. We are sorry that we only reverse class structure from source, so the implementation will not be reversed to class models. Running round-trip engineering will only update the changes on your class models to the code, so the implementation will not lose when update code.

By the way, please be reminded that Instant Reverse and round-trip engineering are different features, please do not mixed using them - either use Instant Reverse (+ Instant Generator) or round-trip engineering.
Instant Reverse is available in VP-UML/SDE Standard Edition or above, and round-trip engineering is supported in VP-UML/SDE Professional Edition or above. Instant Reverse is one-off engineering which will overwrite all existing models every time you run it, while round-trip engineering will update changes in code to models (or vice versa).

Please let me know if there is any further question.

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So I’m still not totally clear on if the C++ roundtrip engineering solves my problem. Using roundtrip engineering (for C++ in SDE for Eclipse), can I create a model, have it spit out the class code, add code to the functions in the class, and continue to use roundtripping if I update the model (or the code) in a way that does NOT destroy the coding I’ve done?

One off code generation that totally blows away work I’ve done (ie adding implementation to functions) is useless once you are farther along in a project.

Hi user,

I’m sorry for my unclear previous post. C++ round-trip engineering is supported in SDE Professional Edition (or above) for Visual Studio only. Please find details about .NET round-trip engineering in SDE PE-VS from:

SDE for Java IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA) supports Java round-trip engineering only, and Instant Reverse/Instant Generator is the only way for reverse/generate C++ code. But they are one-off engineering so your existing models/code will be overwritten every time you run them, that’s why your implementation in code lose when you run Instant Generator to generate code to same output directory.
By the way, currently we do not support Eclipse CDT.

On the other hand, round-trip engineering (no matter Java or .NET) will only update changes in code to models or vice versa, so your implementation will be kept in code.

Please feel free to have a try to .NET round-trip engineering by downloading evaluation version of SDE-VS from our website ( ). Hope the information is clear enough.

P.S. Wish you all a happy new year!

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