Drag Drop Fails

I am using Windows 2000 Professional. I downloaded vpumlce_20030520.exe and installed.

First problem: the program asks me for activation method. I choose to receive an activation key file through email. I typed in my username and email address: John M and john.matozzi@gia.edu. I receive an error: Failed to register “Visual Paradigm for UML Community Edition”. Please check the email address and internet connection and try again." I close the messagebox and select skip. I mention this in case not having an activation key causes the next problem.

I am working through the Tutorial. I finished the Textual Analysis section and now I am trying to do the following which fails:

I create a new Use Case Diagram. From the Model Tree View I try to drag the clerk or customer actor onto the Use Case Diagram and it does not appear. However, if I return back to the Diagram Tree View, I now see the clerk or customer actor icon beneath the Use Case Diagram1 in the Explorer.

Any suggestions? I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling.



Hi John,
For the activation problem, may be you need to config the proxy server. I have sent you the activation key to your email. I will check you Textual Analysis problem. If that is possible, please send you project file to angus@visual-paradigm.com. Thank you.

Best Regards,