Drawing class relationships, printing, etc

Pardon the elementary questions, but I’ve been unable to
find examples of this in the documentation. If somebody can
point me to a document that explains the construction of class
diagrams in detail I’d be very pleased.

Question 1: in a class diagram, how do I connect different classes,
either in a “X contains Y” or “X is a child class of Y”? I’m unable
to drag and drop the connectors onto the diagram, which I can do
when I want to create a new class.

Question 2: several of my class operations have long argument lists
and when printed all out in a line, the class takes up a lot of room
on the page. Is there a way to have the operation wrap over
multiple lines so I can still see all of the arguments but not have
the class diagram take up most of a page?

Question 3: if I enter the print dialogue, how do I then get back to
my class diagram? I seem to be stuck in the print operations and
have to kill and restart to return to the class diagram.

I’m using the Community edition of the UML modeller.

Thanks for any help,


Hello Catherine,

Thank you for your post. I prepared a PDF for answering your questions. Please get it from the attachment.

Feel free to contact me again if there are any questions.

Best regards,

Hi Jick,

Thanks for the pdf file. I’ve followed the instructions and
they work just as described. Is there any document detailing
how to fill out class diagrams? I’ve looked at the documentation
online, but that doesn’t seem to answer questions of the type I
was asking.

The support is great though! This is a hell of a piece of software,
and I’m glad that the support is here.


Hello Catherine,

Thank you for your reply. We will keep on improving our documentations. Meanwhile, if you have any questions please do let me know. You may post here, or contact me directly:

Best regards,