Duplicate Tables Being Created

Hi All,

I am having a problem with VP-UML, where the Generate Database option is creating duplicate tables for certain tables (we have approx 90 tables, and about 70 duplicates are being created).

I’ve checked the Model view, and there is defintely only one copy of each table. The generated DDL is identical for the duplicate table definitions.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a known workaround?

I can’t see any pattern in which tables are being duplicated and which are not based on any relationships etc which the tables have or do not have (some tables with generic relationships are duplicated, some tables with foreign key relationships are duplicated, some tables with no relationships are duplicated).

I’ve tried selecting the DB entities and pasting them into a new project, but the result is still duplicated tables (and whilst I haven’t gone through them all, it appears as though the same tables which are duplicated in the original project are duplicated in the DDL produced by the copy, likewise with those tables which where not duplicated in the original only have one of them in the DDL generated from the copy).



Hi Damien,

Please send us your project file for reproducing the problem. If you do you want to post here, I suggest you send to our team by creating a ticket at:

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