Easy creation of columns

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how may one copy columns from one entity to another?

I’m missing these features as they are also present in Oracle Designer and i like to switch. :wink:
Also, having some kind of default column domain (for example: this is a date column, default is now() and it may NOT NULL). Very handy for creation of big diagrams.

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Horray! I just found it. It’s in the model tab.
But i’m only able to move? I need something to copy…

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We will consider your request. Thanks for your post.

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Hi Jick,

great thing, thanks.

Imho this would speed up development for database developers a lot.
Having something like domains and only pressing
alt-shift-c, entering ‘mycolumn:mydomain’ and everything get’s right would be my big dream for this software. The best thing then would be to update all affected columns by only updating the domain definition. :wink:

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Hi ened,

I am glad to inform you that DB Visual ARCHITECT 2.1 has been released. Thanks to your suggestion, the Move Column feature is ready as well. Please download a have a try - Simply right-click on an entity and select Move/Copy columns from the popup menu.

About the new version:

Download page:

Feel free to let me know if there are any questions. Enjoy!

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