Eclipse SDE missing from "VP_Suite_MacOSX_2_2_20060304.dmg"


I’m trying to install VP Community Edition to intergrate with my Eclipse 3.1 enviroment on Mac OS X.
I downloaded “VP_Suite_MacOSX_2_2_20060304.dmg” from “”.
When I go to install, everything goes fine until the menu where I’m meant to chose the SDE options I want to install. Eclipse/IBM Websphere are not listed as options.

What could be my mistake/problem here?

Thanks in advance for any help.

It’s not avaliable on OS X is it. Darn.

Is an OS X edition in development?


Sorry Steve. This problem will not be fixed in a short time. If you are interested in the modeling features, I would suggest you try the stadalone product, Visual Paradigm for UML, instead.

ทดสอบ การโพสต์ :smiley:

Thanks Jick.

If I do use the VP UML standalone on OS X. Will I be able to import my data into a windows enviroment running VP and Eclipse SDE and auto generate code?

Hi Steve,

Sure. The project file is not bound by the platform. That means, you can import your project into SDE-EC in Windows, and then perform code generation.

Best Regards,

Thanks for your help.