Element ID numbering

Hello all, two questions about ID Generator for model elements:

  1. Is there no way to assign ID values to Test Cases? In the ID Generator Formats dialog, I see options for several element types including Requirement and Business Process elements, but not Test Cases.

  2. Is there no way to reset the last generated ID to zero (or some other number)? I want to implement a system where requirements are numbered with a sub-level ID based on the parent (e.g. prod.01.01, prod.01.02, prod.01.03, prod.02.01, prod.02.02, etc.) and I want the number generation to start at 01 for each new sub-level category. The way Agilian is working currently, I end up with a series that looks like: prod.01.17, prod.01.18, prod.01.19, prod.02.20, prod.02.21, prod.03.22, etc.

Hello Trohricht,

For the moment we do not support define ID for test case, we also do not support reset the ID (this may causing conflict to ID of existing models). But one thing I’m sure is we will consider to support these features. I’ll let you know once there are any news on it.

Best regards,