ERD: How do I add an existing entity to an ER diagram

While I am editing a ER diagram I would like to add an exiting entity to the diagram. How can I do this?

Hi Ion,

Please open the Model Explorer (the pane next to the Diagram Navigator). Locate the entity you want and drag it to the diagram. By doing so a new view of the entity will be created.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

I went to the Model Explorer pane but there is no entity showing up there.
I created a brand new project, created a new Entity Relationship diagram, created two new entities and saved the project.
Still nothing shows under the Model Explorer pane.
I also created a class diagram, added two classes and went to the Class repository pane. The classes showed up in the class repository pane.
Am I missing something?

My environment is VP-UML SE Version 10.0 (Build sp1_20121021) on Mac OS X 10.7.5.

Hello Ion,

Please right click on the Model Explorer and select Filter Model Element, and make sure the entity are not being filter out.

Best regards,
Rain Wong