ERD: stored prcedure and unterminated dollar-quoted string


working with VP-UML 11 with postgresSQL. Everything is working fine, but stored procedures are really heavy to understand, why:

The following statement of a stored procedure works well in pgadmin and does the job very well. Inside the ERD and the option to populate everything to my database, it throws an error with
"unterminated dollar-quoted string at or near"

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION update_dateupdated_column()
  RETURNS trigger AS $$
   NEW.dateupdated = now(); 
$$  LANGUAGE plpgsql;

What I have to configure, that I am able to create/design stored procedures inside my ERD? I read something about problems with jdbc, but I am using the newest driver for the 9.3 of postgreSQl.

Hope someone can help me!