Error in instant reverse function from Java 5.0 source code

Visual Paradigm cann’t produce a correct class diagram using instant reverse function for the following Java source code:

public abstract class BaseGenericClass<T> {
	public void baseClassMethod1() {}
	public abstract T baseGenericMethod(T arg0);


public class ExtendedConcreteClass extends BaseGenericClass<Object> {
	public void extendedClassMethod1() {}
	public Object baseGenericMethod(Object arg0) {
		return arg0;

In produced class diagram there are no generalization between these two classes. I am using Visual Paradigm ver 5.3 (Build sp2_20061014) on Windows XP.

Hi owl,

Thanks for your post. The support of generic is already available in Service Pack 3, released yestereday. I tested your code and the generalization shows without problem. Please run the updater in $vp-suite-install-dir/bin to advance to Service Pack, and try again.

Best regards,