Error message: Server response invalid (1)


I’m receiving the message as given above when trying to update or commit changes to project. What can be the source of the problem ?

Kind regards, Artur

Hello Artur,

There is a problem in the server. Could you send us ${tw-server-installation-dir}/bin/vp.log to take a look?

Best regards,

Hello everybody,
I have the same problem of Artur infact in this days i worked on VP using Teamwork server with success, but yesterday suddenly i received this message when i was trying to commit my work:
Server response invalid.(1).
All my work associates can do a commit without problems but i can not do this operation. Could you explain me why, please? How could i resolve the problem?
Thank you in advance.
Best Regards,

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for your post. Would you mind to send the following file to Thanks in advance!

  1. local project file (inside %vp_workspace%/teamwork_client/projects/%project_name% folder)
  2. vp.log file of VP application (inside %vp_installation_directory%/bin folder)
  3. vp.log file of teamwork server (inside %teamwork_server_directory%/jetty/webapps/vpteamwork/WEB-INF folder)

Best regards,
Lilian Wong