Evaluating VP-UML 5.0 - Standard Edition

I’m running into some issues I’m hoping you experts will be able to help me.
1) When printing, it takes along time for VP to process the print queue. My project is only 145K but looking at the Printer’s queue, the application loads around 300MB before it starts printing. While the application prints, my PC freezes for a few seconds (5-20 seconds) before I can close the print preview page. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the eval version I’m using since it also prints the background(all the Evaluation Copy backgrounds).

2) Sometimes VP freezes up for no reason (even when I'm not printing). I wonder if the automatic backup saving is causing this(if there is one)?

3)  When I copy a diagram and attempts to paste within the same project, I need to create the same blank diagram in order for the paste to work.  Ex) If I copy a Class diagram, I can not paste it into a Sequence diagram. I have to create a new Class diagram and paste it there.
  1. There are no icon/picture to create an Activation under the sequence diagram. You can see it in Visio and SmartDraw.


Dear Seant,

Thank you for your message. Let me answer your questions one by one.

The printing problem could be caused by several reasons, i.e. size of the project & diagrams, gradient color, watermarks, or combinations of the above. In order to enhance the performance, we will provide an option to tune down the printout quality. This option should be available very soon.

This could be caused by the auto-backup feature. The files named .vpp~1 created automatically by us. You can configure the backup settings at Tools > Options and modify the Backup level.

Yes. We do not support pasting models to from diagram type A to diagram type B. If you want to create compatible models into other diagrams, like create a lifeline based on a class in the class diagram, you can just drag the class out from the Class Repository into the sequence diagram or right click on the class and select Send to.

The lifeline in sequence diagram will create the activation automatically. You can split and combine the activation simply dragging it.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,