Expanding / contracting sub processes breaks connections

When I expand and then contract a sub process, the objects around the sub process move to make room for the size change. My Flow objects do not stay aligned whether they are pinned or not (I have only tried pinned on both sides or not pinned). Also, when the sub process is contracted after this, some Flows do not return to their original placement, and appear disconnected.

Is this a setting somewhere or pinning scheme that I am not getting right?


Hi errant01,

I just tried to repeat your problem, but am failed. My result is opposite to yours. The connected shapes do not move when I expand or collapse the subprocess. I’ve captured a movie to demonstrate my actions. Could you comment on it?

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I’m not sure that is any better since the large subprocess now hides the flows to the other processes, and in fact the other processes appear to be inside the expanded subProcess, which is not true.

In my case I have a start to a SubProcess which goes to a gateway underneath and a Task to the right.

What happens is the gateway moves down because otherwise the Sub Process would cover it, and the sequence flows in and out of the gateway move with the gateway, but then do not return when the process is contracted.

I’ve also noticed from the xml export that several of the flows are not actually connected to the two objects they are supposed to be connected to. I have one endpoint in the Pool, and one on an object. While drawing, I had to manually connect one or both endpoints of the flow, and I suspect that BPVA is not correctly parenting the endpoint when it is dragged to the edge of an object. This might explain how the Flows end up disconnected.

If the endpoints of a flow are connecting to the Containing objects when dragged to the edge of an Entity, or are somehow losing their connection when a sub process expands/contracts then that bug should be addressed very quickly.

I consume the model from BPVA as an xml file, and rely on connection information being between the proper entities. If the connections are not to the object they appear to be, then the data is not well-formed and will break what consumes it.


Further info on the lost connections - it seems to be a visual problem. The disconnects for Flows are strictly a problem in the xml export.

I will open another thread for that.