Export image, NullPointerException

Hi all,

I’m trying to export diagram as image with this plugin https://knowhow.visual-paradigm.com/openapi/export-diagram-img-plugin/.
But when i want to export, i got an null pointer exception in vp log (see below).
I use trial license and local repository. Is this could be the cause of the issue?

[2019/06/12 09:25:31] [message] Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0”
[2019/06/12 09:25:31] [message] java.lang.NullPointerException
[2019/06/12 09:25:31] [message] at v.avj.g.a(:195)
[2019/06/12 09:25:31] [message] at v.bea.p.a(:900)
[2019/06/12 09:25:31] [message] at v.bea.p.exportDiagramAsImage(:743)
[2019/06/12 09:25:31] [message] at v.bea.p.exportDiagramAsImage(:727)
[2019/06/12 09:25:31] [message] at v.bea.p.exportDiagramAsImage(:715)
[2019/06/12 09:25:31] [message] at com.vp.plugin.sample.exportimage.actions.ExportImageActionControl.performAction(ExportImageActionControl.java:33)

Anyone can help me?


Sorry, there is a bug in current hotfix build (20190501), that failed to export image via OpenAPI.
The problem was fixed.

Please update the software to the patch build (20190530bp or later) to get the problem fixed.
Details about update to latest patch can be found at

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I know I am late to the party but why rely on a plugin? VP can do this itself! See here:

Just right click and select the right option.