Exporting / Importing XMI duplicates objects

Exporting Packages/Classes to an XMI file, and then re-importing them cause to duplicate all the Packages/Classes, resulting in double number of obejcts.

This behaviour does not happen when importing a VPP project.

I think it is related to the fact that the XMI import ignores the id of the obejcts.

I same problem happens with any XMI version: 1.0, 1.2 or 2.1

additionally, the model name is lost when exported, and ignored when importing.

I’m using VP-UML 5.2 (Build 20060214).

attaching a test case:


here goes the test case

Hi Salva,

The XMI file you posted was incomplete. Therefore, we are unable to import it into VP-UML for testing. Secondly, is it possible for you to give me your project file for reproducing this problem? For privacy concern, you can send the file to my email address at:

Best Regards,

Thanks Salva,

I have received your files and tested with them. But I am unable to reproduce the problem you have. I tried by opening the project file, and then import the XMI file to the project. Both classes remain without creating any new models by import.

Please try with the following build to see if it fixes your problem:

The page below shows you how to apply the hotfix:

Please let me know if it works.

Best Regards,

Thanks for your prompt response.
I followed your instructions and installed the 304c version.
tehn, i noticed that when importing an XMI over the existing original project VPP works as you mentioned.
but when there is no models (just a new project), and you import a XMI, and then you import it again, duplicates models are generated.
open VP-UML
File > Import > XMI: FileName.xmi (models are loaded)
File > Import > XMI: FileName.xmi (yes, again; duplicates models are generated)

The main goal of this test is to prove that we can export our metadata information from our system to VP-UML, and then, update the information.
we have our internal id for the classes, and we need to update the diagramas with possible changes to the classes definition (name, attributes, relationships)

Hi Salva,

Sorry for not having replied you. Thanks for the additional information and I have notified our engineers about the problem. I will keep you informed for any news on this issue.

Best Regards,

Hi Salva,

The bug of ‘XMI import’ is fixed. Please download the hotfix from the link below:

To install the hotfix:

  1. Stop VP-UML
  2. Replace %VP-Suite_HOME%/bin/vpplatform.jar with the one above
  3. Start VP-UML

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Best Regards,