Exporting user defined data types

Hi I’m new in this forum and I’d really appreciate your help

I’m trying to work with a customized collection of classes that i’m using for my projects and I would like to add a few Datatypes to the Type list box inside the Attribute Specification window, so I can directly choose my data types as default data types from my language. That would be really convenient because I’ve already done the implementation of my datatypes in Java Language and my team is used to deal with those data types

after reading this section of the tutorial


I thought it was convenient to create a whole new language with all of my new definitions (I also could have done it adding the new data types to VP’s Java definition but I didn’t wanna mix my classes with the original primitive data types). It worked well, I changed the programming language in my project and now whenever I create a new project in my computer, I’m able to choose my customized language, and when I choose it, I can simply choose my data type from the Type list box inside the Attribute specification window. (The icon next to the data types is a green circle just as I wanted them to be :smiley: )

The problem is that now I wanna export that language definition, so all of my team collaborators can use my customized language. I tried exporting my project in vpp format but when they try to open the project and when they go to the Tools->Options->Data Type window it doesn’t appear my customized language. I tried exporting my project in a XMI file and it had the same problem.

My question is, how do I export my own language definitions and my own data type definitions so other projects can use and extend them via the options menu???

I suppose it is duplicated with the following post, right?


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