External image for each use case in report


When reporting, for each use case I’d like to include an external image in the detail of the use case. Can this be accomplished?
I’ve seen that I can add images at the summary of the use cases, but I can’t see how to add them to the details.

thanks in advance,

cheers, Bo

P.S. I’m referring to the use case diagram related to the use case. I make them with an external program.

Hello boudewijnuml,

Do you mean adding images to the steps in the flow of events of an use case?

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Rain Wong

I mean, at the start of each use case I’d like to include a wireframe of the webpage it’s dealing with. I have these wire frames in JPG, and this would clarify the use case visually. After the wire frame I’d explain the event flow.

cheers, Bo

Hello boudewijnuml,

In this case you can insert the image into the documentation of the use case (see http://www.visual-paradigm.com/support/documents/vpumluserguide/1283/477/21551_rtfdocumenta.html ). Do you think this helps?

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Hi, I tried this, but the resulkt appears in the summary of the use cases. The image appears in the table, which is a too limited space. Besides, I’d like the image to appear right into the use case (if possible just below the title), so one can see at a glimps which screen is be used when executing the use case.

Any suggestions?