Floating license keys aren't found


I’ve succesfully installed, started and connected (from Windows-client) to the License Server, running in Linux environment. However, vp.log -file shows that count for license keys is 0, even when the file floatingLicense.keys is placed in where it should be (in bin-directory). Should I also set some environment variables, so keys would be found or how could I fix this problem?

There seems to be an error in Linux-documentation.

In no-UI -part of it, it says that floating license keyfile must be named floatingLicense.keys , but in the beginning of the document it is said that the name of the file must be floatinglicense.keys . Only the latter one works. Now the keyfile is found be the service.

Hi Nurtur,

Thanks for your posts. Since the Linux documentation of Floating License Server is our-dated already, please refer to our new resources page about installing floating license server and configuring VP clients at http://resources2.visual-paradigm.com/index.php/tips-inst/50-inst/52-floating-license.html

The resources page is using Windows for demonstration, but the steps for Linux or Mac are similar.

If there is any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong