Generate code for Jboss 7.1 , PersistentManager do not work


I am using VP 10.1 and I am trying to generate code from ERD diagram.

I need to deploy on Jboss 7.1.1 application server, and I am trying to generate also sample code and servlet/jsps.

I have some projects, an Ear project, and War project and a Jpa project.

I splitted the generated code in this projects:

  • orm.jar moved to Ear/EarContent/lib
  • jsps moved to war project
  • jpa and configuration moved to jpa project

In VP I choosed ‘JPA framework’ , persistent API ‘static method’ and datasource connection
(TX FActory = org.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory)

Everythings get deployed but there is a conflict in hibernate version between orm.jar and jboss provided ones.

Console log is:
[org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration] (http-localhost- HHH000043: Configuring from resource: /ormmapping/MCommerceQRProject.cfg.xml
[org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration] (http-localhost- HHH000040: Configuration resource: /ormmapping/MCommerceQRProject.cfg.xml
[org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration] (http-localhost- HHH000041: Configured SessionFactory: null

PersistenceManager returns:
“java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.hibernate.SessionFactory.openSession()Lorg/hibernate/Session”

Should I proceed in downgrading hibernate jboss version ?
Or what else ?

thks in advance