Generate documentation in RTF or Word format

I would like to see the documentation generated in either as either RTF or Word format.

The reason for this is that neither HTML nor PDF formats can be easily converted to Word documents with company specific formatting requirements.

Every company that I’ve worked for has requirements (no pun intended) for their documentation.

The tool I used previously (Enterprise Architect) generated documentation in RTF format which is directly importable into Word and easily reformatted.

I have tried to edit the HTML document with MS Word. However, the fonts turn red, which means that I must select all text and change it back. Additionally, the left pane cannot be deleted or closed, at least not that I have found.

If anyone knows of any tricks to get me to documentation heaven, I’d appreciate it if you share.


Dear Lilia,

You can generate documentation into Word document using the Report Writer feature. The Report Writer can ah hoc generate the document with user defined layout. Please refer to the following Links for more information:

Report Writer Highlight:

Using Report Writer to develop Use Case report:

VP-UML User’s Guide - Generating Documentation:

Best regards,