Getting Started with SDE for Netbeans?

Good morning,

Is there any manual with the basic first steps for NetBeans, instead of Eclipse?

I am using Netbeans 6.0.1 and have installed the VP Suite SP1. When I open the SDE, i can´t see any changes in the Netbeans IDE and can´t figure out how to begin a new UML project.

Without a especific manual I don´t know if this is a problem with the installation or a problem with the user - A.K.A me :)…

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for your post.

Please try:

  1. Start NetBeans first (without starting SDE)
  2. Select a Java project in the ‘Projects’ pane
  3. Select Tools > Start SDE EE-NB from the menu
    Alternatively, right-click on a Java project node in the ‘Projects’ pane and select Open SDE EE-NB from the popup menu

Note: ‘EE’ is the edition that you are running. In this case it is Enterprise Edition.

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Hello Jick,

Thank you for your answer.

Well, I´ve done waht you said but those options doesn’t appear. I can’t figure out what is happening because I received no error messages during the SDE installation and NetBeans execution.

I’ll try to unistall and repeat the process to see what happens. As soon as i have any results i’ll post here.

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Well, i have problems during this new installation. I will continue posting in this thread because to keep the subject on focus: