Hangs on Initializing Environment Ubuntu 12.04

I have just installed Visual_Paradigm_for_UML on my Ubuntu 12.04 with academic license and doesn’t run it. On splash screen there is a text “Initializing models”.

My log is:

[2013/02/13 12:28:02] [message] [Wed Feb 13 12:28:01 CET 2013]: Start Visual Paradigm for UML Standard Edition [VP-UML SE]: 10.1 (20130202)
[2013/02/13 12:28:02] [message] Operating system: Linux 3.2.0-37-generic-pae running on i386
[2013/02/13 12:28:02] [message] Java VM: 1.6.0_20 Java HotSpot™ Server VM, vendor 16.3-b01 Sun Microsystems Inc.
[2013/02/13 12:28:02] [message] User: iocio, language: es
[2013/02/13 12:28:06] [message] start startup getLicenseKey on 13-feb-2013
[2013/02/13 12:28:06] [message] getLicenseKey in local …
[2013/02/13 12:28:06] [message] finish startup getLicenseKey

Sorry for the late response on this issue. As we know we have fixed some related issues in the recent release. Can you try download and install the latest build from the following link to see is it work?


Best regards,
Rain Wong