Happy birthday: UML 1.1 turns 20 years old!

The UML section could use a little extra love :wink: I know I’m a bit late, but February last this year saw the 20th anniversary of the UML 1.1 specification. In other words: UML came to life around 20 years ago.

This is a video shared by the OMG group (the organization behind many modeling standards such as UML) in which Grady Booch reflects on the way UML came together. In case you haven’t heard of him (just follow the link): Mr. Booch, together with Ivar Jacobsen and James Rumbach were the main forces behind the development of UML.

Whether you use UML or not, the impact it has had on the software industry is in my opinion undeniable. Often misunderstood, often misused (in my opinion!) but like so many other tools even UML will only get its full potential when it’s properly used.

But yeah: Happy Birthday UML!

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