Have clues about the diagram fitting the printing page


When creating a new diagram, I don’t have any clue if the pools “fit” the printing page unless I go back and forth in the Print Preview and adjust back the pools.

Is there a more convenient way to see how the diagram would fit on paper?

A related question is: is there convenient support of spanning diagrams on multiple pages using the off-page reference “Link intermediary event” symbol? You see, I need the diagrams to look very good on paper…

Thank you!

Hi Francis,

Thanks for your reply. Currently there is no way to see if an active diagram can fit the printing page unless you read it from the Print Preview. Actually the printing facility is very flexible. You can make the drawing fit to particular number of pages, or to ratio. Therefore, I suggest you not to care so much about the printing matters when performing modeling. But I will still pass your feedback onto our team for further studies.

A related question is: is there convenient support of spanning diagrams on multiple pages using the off-page reference “Link intermediary event” symbol?

Sorry but we do not quite understand this one. Could you provide me with more information about how the symbol should look like? Do you expect it to show the page number of the target page or something else that can indicate the continuation?

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Thank you for the reply.

The symbol already exists in BP-VA. It is an intermediary event symbol with the trigger set to “link” (the double-circle with an arrow in it). According to the BPMN specifications, we can use this symbol as an “off page reference”.

This means that if I want all my diagrams to fit into one and only one page each, but I have a business process that is too big to fit into one page, I should be able to split the process into multiple one-page-diagrams using the “link” event to pass through the sequence flow from one diagram to another.

What I would expect the software to support is the following:

  • Have the “link” intermediary events hyperlinked to their counterparts of other diagrams. If I click on the “link”, I would go to the other diagram. If I click on the corresponding link on the other diagram, I would come back to the earlier one.
    -For a single business process, have the possibility to have multiple diagrams representing one page each for easier management. They would be linked with the “link” intermediary event symbol. Today, I must create multiple “business processes” even though it is a single one spanned on multiple pages/diagrams.
    -Have visual clues of the printing page borders to make sure each diagrams don’t break through them.

All of this is to prevent single symbol to be split on two pages when printing. It gives a cleaner look on paper.

What do you think?

See for example the file attached. I have two “BP diagrams”, Autopromos 1 and 2, even though they are a single business process on two diagrams . Look for the links “A” and “B” that are off-page reference from one diagram to the other. You will understand what I mean and how those 3 requests above would make sense.

Hi Francis,

Thank you for your reply with the suggestions.

For point 1 and 3, I have forwarded to our developers for further investigation. For the second point, do you mean that you want to print 1 diagram per page? Actually, you can set the Fit To option to make the printing show 1 diagram per page.

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I could agree for point 2, but by doing this, the shapes probably get scaled making the diagrams look different from each other in terms of format.

For example, text in the diagrams may all be at font size 11, but when printed, beeing all scaled differently, I suppose the text ends up being of different size.

By having clear borders of a page on each diagram, I could arrange the process to fit on multiple pages, each of them at a scale of 100%.

Hi Francis,

I agree with you. In fact, your suggestions are forwarded to our team. I just hoped to give you a suggestion which I thought might be helpful to you. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Have a nice weekend!

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