Help UML

Hi i’m a newbie here…i need some help in here about uml
here are the specifications:
1.What is UML?
2. History – who originated?why?when?
3. Objective of UML
4. Purpose of UML
5. Applicationf UML in a QA work
6. Basic components of UML
7. Advantage and Disadvantages
8. Users (current users and why they use UML)
9. Purpose of diagram
10. Basic components of each diagram
11. Benefits of diagram
12. Application of each diagram in a QA work
13. What are the pro’s and con’s?

it’s okay if u will give me the link of the website where i can find the answers to the following specifications…
thanks in advance and i appreciate your help guy… :slight_smile:

if you have any other qusetions after reading recommneded books, just ask me :slight_smile:


have a look here:

Cetus-links is the biggest ever links collection on object orientation. The link provided brings you directly to the UML part. You should find here what you are looking for.