How can I create a custom report of a Glossary Grid diagram?

Hi everybody,

I have a custom report template that I wrote using the XML templates of the Report “diagram”. It does what I want except for one thing that I am not able to do. I want to loop in the list of terms in my glossary grid and display the name and the description in a custom format, not using the GridDiagram tag (I don’t want a table and I can’t translate the table header so it’s useless to me).

I am able to iterate on my grid diagram and write their names but I can’t loop on their children. How can I loop on them ?

Here’s what I’ve got :

As I said, I want to replace the GridDiagram tag with my own custom loop.

Thank you !


Hi Courmat01.

You need to insert an , I am on the road at the moment but can put it together for you on the weekend.