How can I find any diagram in the model tree?

I have 3 questions:

  1. Model elements can be found in the model tree by pressing “right button” on a element and choosing “select in tree.” But I could not find how to for any diagram.

  2. Why don’t you provide a hot-key for each menu-item when I open the pop-up after clicking right button on the mouse?

  3. Is this a concept, in the model tree, that any diagram is not allowed to be relocated elsewhere.

Hello J. G. Lee,

Thank you for your post.

Normally, diagram won’t appear in Model Tree except for subdiagram and diagram that has package header defined. This explains why diagram node cannot be reallocated due to the tight relationship between model and diagram (question 3). Model tree is not intended for structuring diagrams, therefore, it does not support browsing diagram. However, you can do this in the diagram navigator by typing the diagram name in the project root. Please see the attached image for detail.

For question 2, this is because there are too many commands. We can’t allocate hot key to each command. Is there any particular menu item that you want us to assign a hot key?

Finally, I would like to introduce to you the Logical View. The Logical View allows you structure and organize the diagram by putting them into different Views. You can enable to Logical View by selecting View > Panes > Logical View from the main menu.

Best regards,

Thank you for your answers.

But I have several things to mention again.

For the issue #1, on elements in a diagram, we can do “select in tree,” and after doing that, I could find the element highlighted in the model tree. Why don’t you provide this to find sub-diagrams also? E.g. right clicking on a background of a diagram and selecting in tree.

For the issue #2, actually, there are not many commands. I meant the “under-scored” hot keys, e.g., similar to menu items in the main menu.

Hello J. G. Lee,

Thanks for the explanation. I will forward your suggestion to our development team for feasibility studies.

Best regards,