How can you link a Generalization between classes of different class diagrams?

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the subject is already the whole question.
Assume you have two class diagrams.

Is it possible to define a Generalization between two classes A and B (“B extends A”), where A resides in “class diagram 1” and B resides in “class diagram 2”?

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Hello Jens,

You have to put both classes into the same diagram, establish the relationship and remove one of it from the diagram (be sure just remove the shape but not the underlying model).

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Rain Wong

Thank you very much, that way works.

You can drag and drop the desired superclass into the target class diagram via the “Class Repository Tab” on the left.

However, it’s a pity that you have to do this, its a litte overhead. It would be nice if you could link the Generalisation via the “Open specification window”, where a tree to choose the superclass would be nice shortcut.