How much Visual Paradigm code is written in Visual Paradigm?

How much Visual Paradigm code is generated or specified using Visual Paradigm? Could you give some approximate percentages?

This is a serious question because if you use your own tools to specifiy control and generate your own products then it provides the greatest possible confidence-booster for your customers and salesmen.

If you do not already use your own tools from end to end, then maybe you should, for the above reason.

Of course you did not have your own tools when you started - but you do now! Don’t you?

This post is intended to be seen as in a positive light, I am not criticising, I just want companies offering model-based development to succeed.

Simon A

Apologies if this is the wrong forum…

Hello Simon A,

Thank you for your post. We totally agree with you.

Visual Paradigm is a company that “eat their own dog food” :wink: We use our DB-VA to build all of our information system and websites. We live and breathe our own products everyday. There are uncounted number of diagrams flowing within our team for understanding the requirement and communication between team members.

We love our products as much as our customers love our products. If you feel that our products are always close to users’ expectation, one of the reasons is we are also the users of our own products :slight_smile:

Best regards,