How to configure the ORM for many-to-many relationship from data schema model to objoct model

I already have the entities of many-to-many relation shown in the manyTomany.pdf. the Entities are MicroscopyProduct_ObjTab, Image2D_ObjTab, and ImageSet2D_ObjTab. I created objects MicroscopyProduct and Image2D to map to the first two entities with many-to-many association. the entity ImageSet2D_ObjTab is the intermedia table to the other two entities to form many-to-many relationship in ERD. Since we have the data schema ready in the database first, the ImageSet2D_ObjTab can not be renamed to follow the convention of DB-VA which the name of the intermedia entity is composed of the names of two entities on the two ends of the many-to-many relationship. My concern is that it is any way I can specify the intermedia entity for the mapping since it thows me the error when I generate the code as shown in attachment ‘error’.

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