How to connect final states and exit points on submachines

Regarding state machines, the UML reference manual states that an exit point “represents a final state within the state that may be connected to an external transition”.

One Diagram 1, I have a submachine that has a final state. On Diagram 2, I have a submachine state which represents the entire submachine. It has an exit point. I wish to connect the final state of Diagram 1 with the exit point of Diagram 2.

I cannot use a default transition from the submachine state on Diagram 2, because this changes the semantics of Diagram 2.

I need this transition to appear in the xmi export file.

This issue is solved.

The youtube video “Link up UML States in Different UML State Machine Diagrams” shows how to link objects between different diagrams. The solution is to use diagram navigator (which you may have to enable on the Dash toolbar), drag the exit point from the containing diagram state tree to the submachine diagram, and place the exit point in the outermost region.