How to create Class diagram from existing C++ source code


I want to reverse engineer my C++ source code through “Visual Paradigm for UML Enterprise edition” Evaluation copy.

I tried to reverse engineer Java source code through “Instant Reverse” Icon given in the IDE and it created Class Diagrams successfully but doing same for C++ code, sometimes says - “Instant Reverse Successful” but it doesn’t generate any folder in class repository as was done in case of java. Some times it gives - “Instant reverse Unsuccesful” error.

Please tell me correct way to create class dagram from the existing C++ source code using VP-UML. or suggest me some free tool to do the same ASAP…


Hi Ric,

Thanks for your post and I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused. Would you mind sending me the vp.log file and some source files for investigation? Thanks in advance!

FYI, You can find the vp.log inside the “bin” folder in the VP installation directory.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong