How to create DDL from an ERD in Agilian 11 standard ed


I am currently using Agilian 11. to create an ERD.
My problem is simple.

How can I create a DDL version of the diagram?
I cannot find the option “generate DDL” (not in “tools” , not by selecting the diagram and right clicking…)

I also chose “SQL Server” in the database configuration option (but I do not have an SQL Server database yet, I just want the DDL of the diagram for now).

Seems pretty stupid but am I missing something?

Thank you very much in Advance!


Hi, for those with a similar question.
A solution is to upgrade to Agilian 11.1. In that version, the "generate DDL’ options are available, not so in Agilian 11.0.

Best regards

Hi Stephen,

You are right. Since version 11.1, our three products (VP-UML, Agilian, Logizian) were combined into one, named “Visual Paradigm”. Former Agilian users, with active software maintenance, can upgrade to 11.1 (or higher versions, if available) to enjoy features like BPMN, code generation, Hibernate, database engineering, etc.

For more details, please read:

Best regards,
Jick Yeung