How to determine Story Point for QC staff?



I’m still confused on how to determine Story Point for QC staff.

For example: we have a Development Team consisting of 4 people and 1 of them is doing the Software Testing (A, B and C as developer. D as QC staff).

A user story (i.e. create user login) which has 3 points picked by Programmer A is now under Testing (Code Review) process. Programmer D does the Testing. If the task had been tested and passed, turn from Testing to Done process, then who gets the 3 points? Programmer A right? Then how programmer D will ever get his own points if he is specialized to do the Software Testing?





Hi Ari,

Story point is used for expressing an estimate of the overall effort that will be required to implement a product backlog item or a task. Programming and testing are separate tasks so they should be estimated separately.

Hope this helps.